Policy for Starting a Credit Card Tab

Our bartenders are responsible for closing all tabs at the end of their shift.
They must pay the tabs for walkouts.
Our policy to open a tab is to require that you provide a credit card,
which we will pre-authorize for up to $50.00.
If you leave without settling your tab we will add an 18% gratuity and close the tab.

Note: when a card is pre-authorized, and you check your balance online,
your card holder will show the $50.00 pre-authorization
as a charge from 1-3 business days (depending upon your bank's policies).
When the actual credit card charge is processed
the pre-authorization is purged from your online statement.
This is beyond our control.
If you do not wish to have $50.00 of your credit card line held, pay cash.
No checks are accepted.

There is an ATM on site.