Friday October 20 ♫DJ Dance Party & Bad Ale Fundraiser

Saturday October 21 ♫Amish Outlaws

Sunday October 22 Steelers Game 1pm
Friday October 27 ♫Country Nikki Briar &
Halloween Costume Contest
Saturday October 28 ♫DJ Dance Party &
Halloween Costume Contest

Friday November 3 ♫DJ Dance Party

Saturday November 4 ♫DJ Dance Party

Friday November 10 ♫Poisonous Crew Motley Crue
/Poison Tribute Band
Saturday November 11 ♫DJ Dance Party

November 12 Steelers 1pm
Friday November 17 ♫DJ Dance Party

Saturday 18 ♫DJ Dance Party
November 22 Turkey Ball...
Thanksgiving Eve Biggest party night of the year!
November 23 Closed
Friday November 24 ♫DJ Country Night

Saturday November 25 ♫DJ Dance Party

Friday December 1st ♫DJ Dance Party

Saturday December 2 ♫DJ Dance Party

Friday December 8 ♫Rock/Dance Party

Saturday December 9 ♫Cazhmiere
Friday December 15♫ DJ Dance Party

Saturday December 16 ♫DJ Dance Party

Sunday December 17 Steelers 4:25
Friday December 22 ♫Country Dj Night

Saturday December 23 ♫DJ Dance Party

Friday December 29 ♫DJ Dance Party

Saturday December 30 ♫DJ Dance Party

Sunday December 31 NYE ♫Wesley Spangler